Get out(to) Dodge

Two weekends ago we visited Mike’s Uncle Doug and Aunt Scherry in “the country”. We left bright and early in the morning and didn’t come home until late at night. We picked fruit off of fruit trees and vegetables out of the garden. We rode on of their 24 horses, visited a farm house that they purchased in foreclosure a few years back. I’m in love with that property, by the way. It’s 14 acres of the most beautiful land I’ve ever seen. It’s got 4 or 5 out buildings/barns, a large garden, a place where a Summer Kitchen once stood, a 2 stall garage, a creek, a miniature forest, it’s all fenced in and it has a 5 bedroom two story farm house to boot. I’m in LOVE, I tell you!

Here’s some pictures from our adventure. Enjoy!

Elsie was the first to ride. Nobody’s surprised, I’m sure.

Elsie like being up there but didn’t like that Daddy and Uncle Doug had to be there, too.

Pete was way less scared than I thought that he would be. He really liked being on the horse.

This is Pete asking Uncle Doug if Chester knew how to go fast. You can see a video of Chester going fast here.

Elsie was taking pictures just like Mommy.

Mike did a great job riding Chester.

Like Father, like Son…Mike had to go “fast”, too.

I look a bit like a Narnian warrior. I have on a Moby Wrap which Tess was in until I got on the horse. I decided it wasn’t best to ride a horse while having a baby strapped to you. I should get an award.

Pete at the end of the day.

And Elsie at the end of the day.

Sweet Retreat

I love this time of day. About 1:30 in the afternoon.

I grab some reheated something, or maybe if I’m feeling feisty some Pizza Rolls and a Mountain Dew.

And I sit. I give myself the time that it takes me to eat my lunch to just sit.

I can blog (you know, now that I’m so cool and I have a blog)

I can read blogs

I read (a guilty pleasure)

Really, I can do anything I want as long as it’s not work – like paying bills, researching a recipe.

I enjoy this time. Elsie is down. She’s been putting herself to bed for her nap recently. I have the kids wait until everybody is done eating before they get down from the table, so Elsie has taken the option of just going to bed several times. She heads to the potty, washes her hands and crawls into bed. Two hours later she comes bounding down the stairs saying something like, “Good morning, Mommy. Peez have gummies? Where Peeyer [Peter]?”

Tess goes down at the same time. Although she doesn’t put herself down quite yet, she really isn’t any trouble. The way we do things for Tess around here is when she first wakes up (morning, naps) she gets nursed. Then she plays around until the next meal is ready. She eats with the family, plays for a bit more and then goes down. I don’t rock her to sleep, though I do rock her and sing a sweet song and give her her blankie. Done. Off to Sleepy Town.

I let Pete watch a movie and drink a little bit of something sweet – juice, tea, Sprite – which is a real treat. He’s pretty easy going. He just doesn’t need a nap and it’s more trouble than it’s worth to make him lay down.

Then I sit. For a good 30 minutes. Then it’s back to the field.

You’d Think I’d be Better at this by Now

I’ve been out of it, for lack of a better phrase, lately. My house always seems to be messy, we never have anyone over, I start each morning feeling more overwhelmed than when I went to bed. I feel like I’ve been in a fog or something.

This week, I’m really starting to feel better. Mike helped and encouraged me this past weekend by telling me that I did a good job at various things. It worked, you know?

I started Monday with a bang. The kitchen and main living areas were spotless when I woke up, and it just jump started my day. It made me feel like I wasn’t drowning. I could actually make some progress in our house.

I know that it’s only been two days, but I feel like I’m on to something here. This morning we cleaned Elsie’s room from top to bottom. Cleared out clothes that were the wrong season (yes, I know it’s July) or too small. Put her toys where they belonged. The throngs of dress up clothes were (probably temporarily) contained. I feel awesome.

Plus, check this out:

I can probably count on one hand how many times that’s happened in the last six months.

Now, on the one hand, I should be doing this stuff all the time, you know, a clean house and what not, but it’s just really, really hard for me. Plus, when you go to other people’s houses it’s usually for a party or something, so they’ve spent extra time cleaning and you feel completely inferior.

Ladies, what say you? Is your house always clean or are you barely keeping underwear in the drawers (wink wink)?